The books are all stand-alones and can be read in any order. That being said, a select few have sequels and it’s recommended to read the first book in the entire series, Reborn, to acquaint yourself with the world.


I thought I was just a college student, a good kid raised by a single mom down on her luck, but I have secrets even I don’t know about.

Blood is money and mine may be worth the most of all.

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FreedomI never thought I’d become a Blood Courtesan but to find love was beyond my wildest dreams. Maxwell Steele has given me everything but can I face the tormentors of my past: a pack of wolves?

My name is Flora and this is my story.

Available Jan 24, 2017



I am lost, broken, desperate. I awakened a centuries-old curse and the hunter has now become the hunted. The monster has chased me across the globe, leaving bodies and devastation in its wake. My only refuge is to become a blood courtesan and seek sanctuary from the vampires.



After watching my mother die, becoming a Blood Courtesan is key to my future. I might have made a fatal mistake…



He says he can give me back my life, my career…everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve. But there’s a price… In a world where blood is a commodity and sex is the prize, this cold, aloof vampire is my only way out …or is he?



Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me. The cash can buy my escape but will the true cost be my soul?



I am a princess but my life is no fairy tale. I lost my family and I’m about to lose my house. I’m in desperate need of money. If only there was a way out for me…



I’m on the run with my sweet baby girl at my side. I’d give anything to make her safe, including my blood. If all goes well, I’ll be a Blood Courtesan by nightfall. I’ll sell my only asset to the highest bidder and hope to earn enough to stay one step ahead of my past and keep Daisy safe. I will be a blood whore.



I’m Anya, and I hate vampires. They killed my aunt. And now they’ve stolen my sister. I can’t let her die, so I head to Chicago to track her down. Before I can find her, I’m assaulted by two human thugs, and of all the luck, a vampire comes to my rescue. Cam is sexy as sin with an accent that melts panties, and he hasn’t eaten in far too long. And now he’s offering to help track down my sister… no strings attached.

Yeah, right.



As a child I was stolen, cornered into a life I never wanted. Now I’m eighteen and they’ve given me to a vampire.


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A newborn immortal isn’t supposed to crave the blood of their own… Don’t tell anyone, Kol tells me. Not Rurik. Not Angelique. He’s scared. I’m hungry.

And this is only the beginning.

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I’m working as a cocktail waitress in a shady club when my boss accuses me of stealing a hundred thousand dollars. There’s no way I can pay him back. But if I don’t, I’m dead.



If all goes well, I’ll be a Blood Courtesan by nightfall. I’ll sell my only asset to the highest bidder and hope that the price I wield is enough to patch my past, for there is no sum great enough to fix it. I will, in essence, be a blood whore.



My family says I shouldn’t trust vampires, that they would drain me dry rather than look at me. But to save Tessa, I need his money. I never expected to fall in love with him…

…Or to become a monster myself.



Nash doesn’t have to look me in the eye to cast a spell over me. And I don’t even have to look at him to know he wants me.

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